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Dr. Craig Kajetsu has a variety of methods to help a person function better. I have fibromyalgia and require a practitioner with patience and creativity. I am happy to have found that in Craig and his co-workers.

My visits to Midway Chiropractic has been a wonderful experience with Dr Craig. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in my treatments. He has made a difference in my thinking of what a good chiropractic should be. Thank you. A very friendly staff as well.

Your staff was very good and helpful to me. I thang you for helping me get my pain better. I do not no if I will ever feel the way I did before the accident, but your professional help was execellent.

I went to Midway Chiropractics for a lower back football injury. My pain was so intense that I couldn’t sleep at night and have issues even bending over to tie my shoes. The pain and tension was affecting my work, school, and life in general. After completing my routine my back pain is gone and my life is functional again. I can play sports again have no limitations. They have a great staff and really know how to cater to specific needs. Zachary Schulze

I have sent several people to Midway chiropractic – some of whom were totally against chiropractic care – that is, until they met and were treated by Dr. Craig and his team. These are people who were total doubters of chiropractic – my husband especially, who used to call chiropractors “chiro-QUACK-ters.” that is until the day somehow. A couple of his ribs “when out” and he suffered for about a week, even missing a couple of days work (which he RARELY does) due to the extreme pain and lack of mobility he had. Needless to say just a couple of visits with Dr. Craig and he was 100% again. Midway has also treated my daughter for sports injuries, me due to a severe rear end collision, and several other athletes, coaches, teachers, and moms whom I have referred over the years. I am a Realtor(R) and I take referrals very seriously ; I don’t just throw comments out on the Internet. I mean every word.

I was in a car accident on vacation in another state, and was told to see a chiropractor. Several days had lapse before seeing the chiropractor, because of the weather. (snow) I almost ended up in emergency. My neck started stiffing up, headaches came back, my throat swelling up, hard to turn my head and I get stuck in different positions I was getting worse. I made a phone call, to the state where I had the accident, I was told to find a spinal and neck injury (Car Accident) I went online and did some research. I found Midway Chiropractic, I called and made an appointment, I got in I believe that day. I went in frustrated, because I did not want to be there and told them. The body ached, and I had no control a bad situation to be in for me. The staff hung in there w/ me, and worked on me. I must say today I am much better, and I see how beneficial a chiropractor is, especially the right one.

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