Diane W

I was in a car accident on vacation in another state, and was told to see a chiropractor. Several days had lapse before seeing the chiropractor, because of the weather. (snow) I almost ended up in emergency. My neck started stiffing up, headaches came back, my throat...

Michelle C

Dr. Craig Kajetsu has a variety of methods to help a person function better. I have fibromyalgia and require a practitioner with patience and creativity. I am happy to have found that in Craig and his co-workers.

Richard F

My visits to Midway Chiropractic has been a wonderful experience with Dr Craig. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in my treatments. He has made a difference in my thinking of what a good chiropractic should be. Thank you. A very friendly staff as well.


Your staff was very good and helpful to me. I thang you for helping me get my pain better. I do not no if I will ever feel the way I did before the accident, but your professional help was execellent.

Zachary S

I went to Midway Chiropractics for a lower back football injury. My pain was so intense that I couldn’t sleep at night and have issues even bending over to tie my shoes. The pain and tension was affecting my work, school, and life in general. After completing my...